About Meteor

METEOR, backed by 40 years of experience in management, transport and distribution of documents and small parcels in Barcelona, ensures SECURE, EFFECTIVE SERVICE.

Our company specialises in managing and sending documents and parcels with both same-day and next-day service using our fleet of light vehicles. This allows us to provide the quick, dynamic service we are known for.

The courier sector currently plays a key role in relations among companies, and here at Meteor we are aware of how complex these relationships can be. In this line, knowing the specific needs of your sector, we know our service can meet your demands.

Urgent parcel and courier service

Personalised service

We offer personalised door-to-door service and add a human component to courier services, the treatment you deserve and which we are proud to provide.

Now that image is value added, and aware of the importance of projecting seriousness, discipline and uniformity, all of our personnel wear uniforms and carry a mobile phone.

New technology

Meteor uses new technology to provide significant breakthroughs in the parcel and courier services sector.

One example is that you can see P.O.D. receipts using the online service on our website from 24-48 hours after delivery.

Immediate customer service

Meteor’s privileged location, within the service sector and with regard to the location of your company, allows us to provide immediate service for all your requests while monitoring the work of our delivery personnel.

In our operational line, and according to our Workers’ Bylaws, all of our motorbike personnel are contracted under the general Social Security regime.

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