Other services

Reimbursement and advance money service

A charge of 5% of the value of the refund is set as the amount of the refund service, to be increased over the rate, with a minimum of €3. The maximum amount to carry out a refund process is €900. Reimbursement of the provincial reimbursement three business days after the receipt of the merchandise, by bank transfer. Rest, consult. In Portugal it is not guaranteed that refunds will be in cash, vouchers can be issued.

A charge of 6% on the value of the advance is set as the amount of the money advance service, to be increased on the rate with a minimum of €3. The maximum amount of the advance is €120 and will be delivered when the merchandise is released.

Sealed copy return service


International services

If you ship internationally, request a dossier. International services are not included in the complementary insurance.

Special services

For any service that you require that is not reflected in these rates, please contact us. We carry out: bags, immediate services between cities, mass deliveries, special motorcycle-van services, full-time van-motorcycles, fixed price day/month, distribution, palletized shipments, ADR dangerous goods. We will be happy to advise you.

Merchandise insurance

According to current legislation, the provisions of L.O.TT 29/2003 of October 9 and Regulations will be applied to the contracted transport service, which establishes the responsibility of the carrier (in cases of loss or damage) in what indicate the law, at most.

Meteor Transport Urgent, S.L. as a complement to what is established by the L.O.T.T. corresponding to the obligatory merchandise insurance, a 5% will be applied on the freight price of bridge services, thus covering up to €1,200 per shipment with a maximum of €12,000 per groupage, in cases of loss or damage suffered by those. If the risk of a shipment that causes an accident exceeds, the insurance will only cover the proportional part of the total value of the same, applied to the maximum of €1,200. Non-subscriber customers will have L.O.T.T. insurance.

Merchandise excluded by insurance: TV, monitors, flat glass, miscellaneous furniture, credit cards, lottery, art objects and all merchandise that goes in a glass container without any type of adequate protection

The client can request Meteor Transport Urgent, S.L. the contracting of a supplementary insurance that covers, with a declaration of the real value, up to €24,000, the damages that the goods may suffer up to their declared value. The price of this insurance will be 2% of the declared value.

In accordance with the provisions of articles 366 and 952 of the Commercial Code, within twenty-four hours following receipt of the goods, a claim may be made against the Transport Agency for damage or damage to them, unless the damage was evident at the time of receipt, in which case the claim will only be accepted upon receipt. Once the expressed terms have elapsed or the postage has been paid, no claim will be accepted against the Agency regarding the state in which the goods delivered were delivered.

In the event of an accident, the maximum period to present the necessary documentation to process the insurance is 20 days, after this period, the report will be closed.

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